How on earth will you be able to prove how, where and to what product I was exposed to asbestos many decades ago?

We start by talking with you. We sit down and have a conversation where we learn about you, your life, your work, and your experiences. We get an understanding of where you've been, who you've worked for and the products you've come into contact with. Your hobbies, interests, and places you've been as well as the products you and your family used over the years. That's the starting point. From there, we obtain records of your work history and we obtain them quickly so we can map out your opportunities for exposure to asbestos. We tap terabytes of data we've amassed over decades of asbestos litigation to see what products were where. We search millions of pages of historic depositions, documents, scientific articles and documents produced by manufacturers. We engage investigators to research new places and interview people who may know the places you worked or worked with you in decades past. We may place ads in newspapers to find witnesses. We demand documents, discovery and depositions from defendants in the case. We issue subpoenas for records and people. In short, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the facts and circumstances of your exposure to asbestos. By the end of our investigation, we have a comprehensive understanding of your work history and the asbestos-containing products and places that exposed you to asbestos.

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